Novel Intros

Troublemaker...Or "A Necromancer in Love"


Necromancers have walked the world for ages, generating power from murder. They're guided by unseen, supernatural forces that tell them who to kill and demand their obedience in exchange for immortality and power most ordinary humans cannot fathom.  


I'm Jack Hunter, and I'm one of the best: Devoted. Diligent. Driven. At least until the day my assigned victim was Kim Reynolds, a woman with a life-force unlike any I've ever seen before. I ignored my impulse toward her and followed my mission...right up to the point where I fell in love with her. Now I was faced with the age-old dilemma: Do I kill her? Or do I date her? Yes, I'm an immortal so I've been in trouble before. But never before have I been involved with such a Troublemaker as her. 




Horror has a new face… and this time, it’s beautiful...

Enthralled… in the heart of Manhattan, a young couple’s game goes too far when they invite an alluring and mysterious stranger into their bed. 

Ensnared… Michelle and Scott are torn apart by this creature’s need for blood and memory.

Enslaved…  Now they’re forced to choose between the sweet things of an incomplete life – or the bitter things of a life fulfilled by the ultimate sacrifice.

A novel of love, sex, memory and blood...





Undying love.  Immortal evil.  Eternal consequence.


Bloodshed... In the heart of New York City, a young desperate woman saves herself and the men she loves, unwittingly sending violent ripples through the supernatural world.  
Blood lust… Across town, in a nightclub dedicated to dark desires and pulsing sexuality, an ancient blood-goddess survives and is reborn  with a physical need for revenge and an immortal thirst for power. 
Blood war… Now they’re thrust against each other, not in a battle for survival alone, but for the power to rule an unstoppable army of the dead. Theirs is a world where lives, loves and destinies are changed forever or lost completely—and all actions produce bitter consequences.

A novel of love, sex, memory and blood...